Since the beginning of 2021 the energy has been shifting. Can you feel it?  People just like you are seeking stability, focus and calm.  Your Spirit is yearning to be grounded and clear. 

Can you sense the energy shifting around you too? People across the globe, just like you, are wanting stability, focus and calm.

You can probably feel your Spirit yearning to be grounded, clear and ready to be set free.

For all of us the year 2020 was a struggle and for some a time of grief and profound loss. If you personally experienced grief or loss then the Universe wants you to heal and experience freedom.

Spiritual light-workers across the globe are striving to move on in their journey, and find a deeper connection with their spiritual helpers, their personal guides and angelic support.

Peace, healing and real growth are waiting for you.

Guided meditation and manifestation techniques work really well together to create clarity. This ‘clearness’ of vision is really helping people get the stability they desire in a world that seems to chop and change almost daily.

It’s a real privilege to see people bringing their dreams to life and achieving what they desire for themselves, their families, their career and their relationships.

As spiritual beings we need to be able to rise above the day-to-day dramas of the earthly plane… it’s so important now to have your heart, mind and spirit grounded in reality – not to be blown around, rocked and swayed.

What we are seeing on the earthly plane is not what the universe has in store for us, so we need to have our eyes set on the spiritual horizon to remain steady-in our actions and intentions.

I have been asking the universe how I can best be of service to all of you.  To help nurture you and watch you grow is my ultimate intention, but how can I do that when there is only one of me and time ‘down here’ on earth is so limited.  I think that is why the word Community has been resonating and echoing in my consciousness for some time.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Lightworkers like you  are responding to this call from across the globe, and I’m excited to see what Spirit has in-store for us as we embark on this journey together.

In love and light.


Awaken is a safe space of meditation, learning and growth where you help define what you learn.  You will meet other like-minded spiritual workers on their journey, to share, grow and learn together.

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A spiritual community for support and growth from Ruthie Phillips.